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Who We Are & What We Do

Children Playing Football

Alexis Pendergraft

Alexis Pendergraft grew up in the Triangle, played soccer for CASL, and went to Millbrook High School. She continued her soccer career at the University of South Carolina, where she majored in Psychology and Criminal Justice. Alexis is currently a third year law student at UNC Chapel Hill. 


Kayla Marshall

Kayla Marshall grew up in Northern Virginia, played lacrosse for Capital Lacrosse Club, and went to Bishop Ireton High School. She continued her lacrosse career at the University of Louisville where she majored in Sport Administration with a Pan-African Studies minor. Kayla is currently a first year business student at UNC Chapel Hill. 


What we do

We support North Carolina communities by facilitating free sports clinics in accessible neighborhoods to underserved populations. Even Playing Fields provides free educational resources to families searching for guidance in the healthcare system, school system, and other social opportunities. 

Where we do it

Even Playing Fields is focused on bringing sports and educational resources to the communities living in North Carolina. Families should be able to access quality youth development outlets no matter where they live in the state.

Why we do it

We want to make higher education more accessible for youth in North Carolina through sports and educational resources. These resources can be used to bridge gaps between underserved communities and educational institutions. However, youth sports and academic resources must be more available for a larger group of individuals living in North Carolina. A kid's ability to succeed in sports and school should not be determined by their socioeconomic status, their address, or their language. 

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